Who we are

We are a small group of professors and scientific collaborators at the IICT institute of HEIG-VD doing research on cloud computing. We are using public clouds like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for research and teaching, but we have also deployed a private cloud. We use OpenStack to provide an IaaS and Cloud Foundry to provide a PaaS. The aim is to have an alternative to the public cloud offerings for teaching and to be able to experiment with a private cloud for research. The deployment of a private cloud is also very educative in itself and is a very interesting subject to tackle.

Why the blog

We want to share our experience with everybody who is also interested in cloud computing. In the first blog posts we’ll focus on OpenStack. It’s not always easy to get stuff working, sometimes the documentation has flaws, is not very clear, the missing information can’t be found on the web either, you know the game. We will be posting some of our results and experiments on this blog, hoping that it may assist those in need :)

What we did

It’s a lot of work to install OpenStack from scratch, it’s also very easy to forget something and even easier to make mistakes. That’s why we’ve decided to implement our solution using an automation tool. The one we chose is Ansible.

As for the infrastructure, we have 10 servers (there will be a post with more informations about this of course) and we followed the Neutron network architecture from here.

What can you expect of us

Well, we will be posting different things on this blog, from basic to more advanced. There won’t be a “full OpenStack installation tutorial” in here. We will basically write about what we liked and what we think is useful or necessary.

I have a question, can I contact you directly?

Every post has a comment section (Disqus API), feel free to ask your questions there (if it’s related to the actual post). If you have a different question that we don’t cover in one of our posts, or want to contact us directly: marcel (insert dot here) graf (insert at-sign here) heig-vd.ch